About Us

One step inside Mangia e Bevi immediately transports you to a warm, welcoming Italian “masseria” or farmhouse. Lush golden and terracotta colored walls, local artisan wood tables, medieval iron chandeliers, and a friendly staff all await to welcome guests. The country-style food that is simple yet bursting with flavor and the regional Italian wines are served with large portions of genuine Italian hospitality.

Like most Italian restaurateurs, we love where we live and live to celebrate both our location and our culinary culture. Mangia e Bevi is our interpretation of the best we have come to know of the most celebrated Italian culture of food, friends and family. It is at the dinner table where, not only do you mangia e bevi (eat and drink), but also enjoy leisurely, long and relaxed conversation.

We opened Mangia e Bevi in February 2007 in an effort to emulate the best of the great Italian tradition of hospitality and quality at the table. The philosophy is easy as it is straightforward - use the best ingredients as simply as possible and serve them with gusto and joy.

We are an independently owned and managed restaurant, driven by a desire to offer something unique and exciting both to our local patrons and to the guests who visit.