Specials of the Month

You're invited to join our monthly culinary expedition with our Speciali del Mese menu, spotlighting the diverse and delicious authentic Italian food that is typically found in Italy. In the tradition of Italian cooking, each dish is freshly prepared at the moment using the freshest ingredients to let you savor each dish with appreciation. Try a taste of something different every month!

Speciali Del Mese Menu


Zucchini Rollatini  $11
zucchini slices rolled up in ricotta cheese,
baked in marinara sauce

Linguine con Cozze Nere $18
linguini pasta with mussels and spicy tomato sauce

Stinco D'Agnello Brasato
lamb shank braised with vegetables, fresh herbs and
tomato sauce, served with polenta

Chocolate Love
chocolate cake crumb crust, chocolate mousse,
with bits of Heath brownie chunks and chocolate truffle

Buon Appetito!

Wines of the Month

Bellacosa Cabernet Sauvignon

Sonoma, California

$10 / glass     $38 / bottle

Bellacosa Cabernet Sauvignon embodies the
connection of soul and experience; a subtle force
that brings people together. Rich, velvety and
complex with a deep boysenberry color, it is a
beautiful expression of Sonoma Cabernet; a wine to
savor, share and create lasting moments together.
Plum & dark berries on the nose and at first sip;
Oak spices; Mocha and cocoa; Earthy with fine
tannins; Smooth & velvety finish.